4 comments on “The Daily Peek – #11

  1. Your tailwrap is wrong actually, sadly. The riveted tail goes towards the body. I know it sounds uncomfortable, but thats how it is. Otherwise, you will end up with the raw hide side facing up (wich you really don’t want, it’s fuzzy) Sometimes the leather straps will have a lining, the depression in the straps around the edges suggest that there is a stiched lining under the straps, however, if you have lined straps you would hide the tail under lining, and the strap would not be riveted but stiched instead.

    • Good thing this isn’t Real life! 🙂 The problem is, if I put the tail of the wrap underneath, then it wouldn’t even be visible. And it would then be completely unnecessary. 🙂

      However, Good news! I’m using a special leather that is finished on both sides! So no rough side facing up. It costs nearly double the price of regular leather, but we spare no expense at [H]arsh. 😉

  2. Haha, there is no such thing as leather finished on both sides… You know leather is animal skin, right? The “finish” is the outside side, where the hair grows, and the fuzzy side is the meat side. Just the realistic grim details. What i ment was, that you added a detail that wasn’t necessary, and that doesn’t really make much sense 😛 . There were other details that could be used there, such as showing off the leathers bulk around the rings, etc. Your leather looks very thin around the rings wrapping. Even thin leather doesn’t form around the edge that well, and rightfully so, if you use leather that is too plastic, the harness would lose it’s shape and turn too big and sloppy. In reality, that is.

    You can see the straightness of the wrapped edge and the bulk rather well here.

    Of course, SL is not reality, but thats a whole different topic, of how much reality in detailing to keep, in order to upkeep the illusion.

    /Lex, the leatherworker (in RL)

  3. Sure, I understand what you’re saying, but I’m not out to create a 100% faithful reproduction of reality down to every pore in the leather. There are real limitations on what one can achieve in a Virtual World, especially SL.

    As well, I have my own asthetic, and I’m faithful to that. I’m sure someone told Picasso his noses were on sideways, but guess what, that’s how he wanted them. 🙂

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