5 comments on “Mesh Deformer Update – Sneak Peek

  1. Great news! I’ve been waiting for an update on this issue for quite a while. And now we even get to see it live! 😀

    While there are still some issues (like mesh objects that are *not* supposed to be affected by the deformation) it will still be an enormous leap forward for clothing designers and end-users alike.

    Let’s just hope that LL will see this as imporant enough to provide enough feedback and insight so we can have this live on the grid ASAP

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  3. This looks pretty awesome. But this code on his site, where do I put this code? Is this something I can use with Second Life Beta Viewer?

    • No, it’s something that has to be put into the source code by a programmer and then compiled using Visual C++ 2008. It’s not really something your average user can do. Once it’s ready it will be included in all viewers.

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