18 comments on “Post-Release Epilogue and Vote!

  1. Hey, we met at yoru store the other day (I’m one of those who you noticed the shoulder blade issue on).

    The idea of a free hud that connects to our restraints is great! Would really help with troublesome overlapping we get with things likes hoods worn on top of gags.

    As for a request.. Maybe an armbinder? Be nice to see a new one on the market, especially in mesh.

  2. Congrats for your Impressive work !!!

    I would suggest you the same harness with a chasitse option adding boobs covers and pussy covers for the enjoyment of our owners

    Seeing your works, i think you could make an arm binder greatly !

    an other thing i would really love is just a suit like that :
    it’s a king of latex suit with straight jacket option…

    well thanks for your awesome work and can’t wait to see your new products !

  3. I’d love to see an adjustable pose (a few different arm-positions) version of the Stockroom’s Bolero style straight jacket. It’s a bit more risque/naughty than a traditional full-coverage straight jacket.

  4. Hi, your ‘old’ toys have been my friends since my early first days after birth in SL. So happy you’re back.

    You know what I would really like? If you publish the standard to integrate third parts toys into the HUD. In other words how to make a FLEX compatible item. I love your HUD idea. Indeed not unique (think about OC Owner HUD or how even OC itself is indeed an interface to sub restraints: the collar itself and the plugins) but I really like the style how you realized it, the technology involved (for example in the html interface, cool!), the aspect and absolute low weight (usually nice rich interface and footprints do not go together).

    Any plan on this? Would it be possible? Not even for self made items or not commercial one?

    • That’s an interesting thought, Viperilla. I have to confess I have never tried opencollar, it having enough scripts to power 3 collars pretty much makes it a non-starter for me. But I have seen other hud systems.

      I’ll have to give opening part of the API up some thought. Initially I hadn’t planned on it, but it may be something I can do, if I can ensure doing so doesn’t compromise people’s privacy and security, nor the integrity of the system as a whole. Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. One vote certainly goes for thumbless gloves, perhaps based off the latex gauntlets. Since you’re getting into Mesh, a good set of Mesh-based thigh-high ballet boots would be really neat, especially with some well-placed locks and a slowing AO. Sculpty thigh-highs just never quite look right. Exotic and unusual (and meeean!) gags are always a huge plus.

    This glance inside The Mind of Felina brought to by the letters S and M. 😉

  6. First, great work! I’m glad to see you back Darien!

    For the suggestions:

    – 8 Cuffs Set (wich work both alone or as plugin for the harness for more poses);
    – Faceharness with gag, blindfold and earmuff;
    – Collar? *giggles*

  7. I’d love a low script collar. A lot of collars I have usually bring tons of unneccessary scripts with them, and that bugs me because I don’t like making lag for myself and everyone else on whatever sim i’m on.

  8. Hi just seen something that would mix the gauntlet i’ve talked about earlier and the idea of straight-jacket latex suit with an extra corset collar that can be used as a gag :

  9. Basics are needed for this system: Collar, Cuffs. It’s a good idea, need to follow through with all the usual.

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