3 comments on “Voting Results are in!

  1. if you don’t mind me making a suggestion on something the winner could do……i think a lockdown function for the owner of the straightjacket if they give the jacket to a special someone to wear so nobody but the owner can open it

  2. Dari,

    I am very excited to and will be waiting to see your product come to fruition. I have a fetish medical center in SL with an inpatient psych unit so I await this product with many hopes. I have many suggestions, but the one that I as a facility owner that needs all staff to have access is an easy system to add staff to the jacket when the staff is not present concurrently.

    There are a few products I love because their HUD allows adding of owners via the notecard system. So, I give the same HUD / Notecard to the patients and all staff are added.

    I am very excited and will watch this with great anticipation! By the way, so glad you are back in business.

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