2 comments on “Progress and Status – 3/14

  1. Sounds really great! (But it does decrease the Control HUD revenue stream for you; on the other hand, it should make the [H]arsh line more popular, so who knows what the upshot is.)

    From the standpoint of a Dom with possibly several subs: The beauty of the Control HUD is that the Dom needs to have only one HUD to control all the items worn by the sub(s). The drawback was from the standpoint of a sub who wants to be controlled by, say, many Doms (like a Public setting): Need to have a Control HUD for each potential Dom; just doesn’t work for a Public setting.

    With the Clicker, from a Dom standpoint: Need to have a Clicker for each sub. Not a problem if the Clicker comes with the item; if, instead, it’s an extra expense, then still not much of a problem unless there are many subs. From a sub standpoint, the Clicker is ideal: Need only one Clicker for everything the sub is wearing, and no matter how many Doms might want to control those items; so doesn’t much matter if it’s an extra cost.

    • Yes, that’s a good observation. I’m honestl really torn about how to handle the distribution. I’m going to have to put a lot of thought into it. The HUD/Clicker represent a huge portion of my development time on the software side, as they pretty much have 80% of the scripting going on for the restraints. At the same time I understand they are the least ‘sexy’ part of the line, so people aren’t willing to pay a reasonable price for them. It’s never easy being a pioneer. 🙂

      The fact I’m giving away a metric ton of them is no small thing either. But it’s the right thing to do I feel. In the end I do what’s best for my customers. 🙂

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