5 comments on “The Creative Mind is a scary place

  1. Don’t listen to self doubt. When you hit a wall, take a break and do something enjoyable while you let your subconcious mind grind a little. You do beautiful beautiful work.

    Speaking purely out of lustful greed if you can’t decide between different styles, make them all! *laughs happily, rolling around in an excessively large pile of Dari Haus goodies..*

  2. Thanks for the kind words and advice, both of you. 🙂 I did take a break for the last few days, and I did help me work through things, as did writing about it. I finally did narrow down my approach for this item, and definitely, I’m saving the other ideas for other products. 😉

  3. I can definitely agree with you on this one. The mind is a scary place, especially for creative thinkers. It’s almost as if nothing is ever good enough, an undying desire to constantly create. It can be quite lonely too I find, mind going at 100 miles a minute, some times it’s hard to just sit down, and relax. Coping with this mind set is definitely difficult, the intellectual needs it creates e. g. setting high expectations may lead to heavy ruts like depression.

    Best thing for me I found was putting myself in social settings, talking to random people to keep myself grounded. I believe for creative minds, it’s very easy to get lost on the clouds; sometimes you just gotta chill, and enjoy your self on planet earth.

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