11 comments on “Straitjacket WIP #3

  1. I so love how the straightjackes is coming out, and i really look forward to have it in my RLV folder ^-^
    If i may add a suggestion (and maybe you’ve already tought about), should be awesome have the chance to tie the arms forward (classic style), and behind the back, like a U shape.

  2. Have you considered a “men’s version” yet and the differences between male and female versions or is that a totally different project?

    • It’s a good question. The overall design can probably readily be adapted to a male version. I’d likely need to make some minimal changes, and perhaps a set of animations specifically for the male avatar.

      There is one rather big roadblock to making a men’s version of anything mesh though, and that’s the fact there’s no “Standard Sizing” resources for the male avatar. I’ve found having the “Standrd Sizing” for the female form has made fitting to various sized females easier. Without a corresponding “Standard Sizing” set of shapes for males, a lot is left up to guesswork. I’ll have to decide what can be done about this.

      • Well, being Dom, I would not wear one myself, but I would be happy to send you sizing information (just like you do for a custom correct?), if there is ever a need for it to support your work. If enough guys did so, you could probably develop some size lists and work from there. I had not considered sizing, just the “we got no breasts” angle actually.

  3. It looks awesome, Darien, like all those previous things you made us all so happy and content with.
    I add to the vote for the male version, but understand your difficulties.

  4. Just another little question (sorry but i can’t follow the group chat cause i’m often with my IMs blocked >.<), there will be the chance to select a latex skin for the jacket, right?

    • This has been brought up a few times, and I”ll repeat for clarity. Making realistic Latex is a fine art. Anyone who has shopped for latex knows there is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ latex out there. While I would love to provide a latex texture, I am not yet confident my skills are such that I could create ‘good’ latex. I would rather not include a latex texture if it’s anything less than ‘good’.

      As well, latex has the issue of not being colorable, as the highlights must stay ‘white’ while the rest changes color, so instead of doing 1 texture, you must do one for every color. This both limits colors, And grows the workload exponentially to create every color texture.

      Some try to fakek colorable latexy by putting a base color layer with a highlight layer over it, and while this can yield good results, it basically doubles the geometry you’re wearing, so it’s highly laggy and inefficient.

      So realize asking for ‘latex’ is asking a whole hell of a lot, as SL’s lack of a ‘real’ material system just doesn’t give any satisfactory way to do it. Right now making the material shiny provides the best latex look you can get (per example: https://darisl.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/latex-gauntlet-sell.jpg )

      A faked latex texture isn’t off the table, but it remains to be seen if it happens.

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