9 comments on “Straitjacket WIP #6

    • Yeah I know, so do I. but like I said, that’s almost a whole project in itself. It’s very time consuming, especially when you’re developing everything from scratch the first time. But eventually I’ll get there. 🙂

  1. Strange that you say it would be much work to make different latex colors.
    You have already black – with gives you the gloss/reflections.

    Now it simply needs a pure red/pink/blue/whatever color and the current black layered on top of it – just choose the proper blending mode.

    So it’s literally just a matter of a few minutes to create a dozen of colors …

    • Actually it’s not nearly that simple. The relfections are carefully toned to be realistic to the color they are reflected on. Just changing the base color is a mistake many amateurs do make, but it doesn’t yield good results. Also you make it sound like you change a color and then poof, it’s ready in SL. There is still a lot of work as far as finishing off the render in photoshop, and preparing it as a final product. And that doesn’t even get into the scripting considerations. It’s a lot of work.

    • It’s… not that easy to do it properly, it took me literally years to design my own latex studio that didn’t require to have independent settings for each colors, a lot of trial and error is involved.
      Add to this a certain need for consistency across products and it can quickly become a headache.

      Glad to see the result Darien, it looks pretty nice, keep up the good work!

  2. Latex! I remember you saying how hard it was to do and it not making it into the first release.. glad to see you changed your mind.

  3. It looks beautiful! I can’t wait to try it on. And while I’d love a latex version, I’m really looking forward to the classic canvas and leather one.

  4. This looks fantastic! I bow down to your devotion and talent 😀

    Also, I somehow doubt that people who say “Well, just switch colors around and POOF! done” ever really attempted to recreate different colored latex. You certainly did a wonderful job on this so far!

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