3 comments on “This is why I get ILL sometimes…

  1. You already know well enough what it says. I won’t even bother to confirm it.

    The Big Box of Dari’s Junk has gone round SL and has made other creators lives harder. It contains some of the best work I have seen in 5 years in SL. So many others have copied parts of what it includes, because it’s simply the best.

    I hope to see more wonderful things from [H]arsh. But now I need to go play with my new HUD, once my girl logs on. Have a wonderful day 🙂

  2. This is SO funny it defies logic. I HAVE USED your harness as a Owner and DID buy my own as wel las the one that my girl uses to control her side of the harness. Yes, it says “requires a HUD”, no it never says “sending” anything, but you knew that already. However, if you ever need a witness or quality control advocate, count me in!

    There is a saying in “Forrest Gump”, “Stupid is as Stupid does”. LOL

    Don’t sweat teh little “stuff” milady, just go on doing what you do and those of us who KNOW will keep supporting you by using your products old and new.


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