4 comments on “Straitjacket update #10?

  1. I can’t wait Darien to see my girl struggling vainly to escape from this… and knowing how much work this took will make it doubly pleasing..:)

  2. wow…simply wow. the level of work made on the animations are apparent. congratulations and i am so looking forward to this.

    have you given any thought as to the priority level of the animations ? i have a vista AO, so normal priority 3 or 4 animations (ie OC, iControl…) get overridden by my AO. i don’t like turning it off, as it is annoying. i know a lot of my friends feel the same lol.

    will there be a coloring HUD as well ?

    and will this follow the same path as the harness, where several sizes are available, but custom will also be an option ?

    and the two new poses are amazing 🙂

    • I asked her that same question earlier in regards to my AO and she said she was indeed gonna work with that in mind or something like that (I’m not that good on the finer parts)

    • Yes, Matteste is right. I’m certainly keeping Priorities in mind.

      When I joined SL in 2006, very few restraints could co-exist with AOs, I was one of the pioneers of AO-overriding technology at the time, with the creation of my Armbinder (I owned Dari’s Haus if you haven’t made the connection).

      I always attempt to stay on top of the latest advances, so be assured, there shouldn’t be any conflicts.

      To your other questions, all answers are yes. I however don’t expect there to be as much need for custom fitting due to the fact Alpha Layers can be used to hide many fitting inperfections (something not possible with the harness).

      Thanks for your support. 🙂

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