2 comments on “Straitjacket Update #13

  1. Alpha layers are a real worry. I have (Rosa?) corsets, that supply many different alpha layers to fit different sizes, and none do. Bootgasm alpha layers for ankle boots ALL leave a slip of nothingness between ankle & foot.

    I have become so frustrated, that I am learning to use Gimp, with the hope that i can do better. I’m tired of buying things & never ever using them, simply because of bad alpha layers.

    • Yes, I know it’s a worry. I’ll likely have 5 sets of alphas for the 5 standard sizes, and of course will make the alpha textures available for those who need them.

      However, *how* you design your mesh is every much as important as the alphas themselves. Knowing this issue from the start, I left a lot of ‘margin room’ where alphas end and meshes start. Alphas don’t have to come right up to the edge of the mesh. I think that should alleviate a lot of the problems. At least, I hope.

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