13 comments on “Sticky Fingers

  1. Umm, ok I really have no complaints, the jacket is awesome! But I wouldn’t mind an added feature? Perhaps a script to allow people to “play” with the jacket but you as the wearer can always unlock it? Unless there is a safe word option that I’m not familiar with?

  2. I saw your request for comments as I was logging out or I would have weighed it. On the one hand, I love it when my Mistress locks me down and I can’t touch anything; on the other hand, having the flexibility to tailor the restriction to Mistress’s liking is always preferred. If it’s not too late, I’d vote for being able to set: Full restriction, No restriction, or touchattach=n+fartouch=n. (or more options if you’re feeling ambitious).

    The reason for restricting touching attachments/fartouch means it’s still possible to navigate through the world, somewhat, but still being quite helpless, especially where anyone else’s attachments are concerned.

    My two cents,

    • Yes there’s still time. And likley more is always better. But it can be hard to balance “offer a ton of configurability” and “keep scripts small and nimble”.

      The reasons things like my old collar and the like use 20+ scripts is because literally every facet of their function is fully configurable. It really adds a ton of overhead.

      I was going to make a toggle, on/off. But I think i can swing a 3 way toggle. On/half/off if you will.

  3. I think the old adage applies here Dari… if someone doesn’t like something, they’ll tell twelve people, if they do, they’ll perhaps tell one.. That’s just human nature, and we have to live with it, perhaps the reticence of most of your customers to say anything is because we like the jacket pretty much as it is, myself and my RP partner do, but maybe that’s just us…:))

  4. Oh… and just as an afternote, if there is something about any of your creations we REALLY feel strongly about, then yes, we’ll tell you… Promise.

  5. Well, my idea is simple – add some kind of control of what restrictions should be in what modes, with your defaults as it is now. This should cover all needs of users. Basically – few sets of checkboxes, one for each mode. RR Control plugin is a good example of how this should be done.

  6. Sorry I didn’t react to your question earlier Dari but I was offline over the weekend, what Mark said there I totally agree and, since being more than happy with the jacket… I’ll make an exception and actually tell it hehe.

    I was first actually a bit displeased when doing self-bondage with the jacket and then realising “oh bugger I’m not opening any doors nor touching teleport pods, let alone anything else” but then it hit me – hey, I’m strapped in a straightjacket, really how am I supposed to fold an origami, eh?

    So, I took a new approach to all this – either locked in by meself or someone else (hopefully), it’s a choice with concequences and if I can’t face these I better not wear the jacket in the first place (right, like I’m not going to wear it… HA) With this in mind the setting could make it more “casual” but me personally I can easily live with the original. Dari me thinks you being cautious over script count is definetly the right thing to be cautious about so if you can do the setting without adding too much to the script count then it will definetly add to the versatility but in case else, better have a smooth-working strict jacket than a lag monster with helluva great options.

    Nuff said. Sorry for the foot long post but that’s how me brain works.

  7. Sounds like you are nailing the one thing that was sometimes irritating- the touch restriction being always on was, once in a while, an issue. Like, for example, closing my dungeon door because some mope left it open while I was logged off, and now that I’m on, and in the jacket, I can’t just kick the dumb thing shut! So, +1 from me on making it a smidge more configurable. And we already spoke about texture and color issues, so I look forward to whatever you decide to put out in that arena! Thank you once again, I know your job must be thankless a lot of the time!

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