2 comments on “Losing my Marbles

  1. (I’m an ETL developer & information security engineer in RL. But I work in the financial services industry – so pretty different field).

    I heard about browser changes a while back. I was mildly excited, because it COULD make it easier to take advantage of changes in the worldwide technical community. It creates a far more realistic BUY/BUILD choice. With a propriety third party browser technology, everything has to be built from scratch.

    If it’s LL’s goal to move to a standard web browser, that may well open the door to using cloud storage, and cloud processing. That puts everything close to the user in the overall architecture.

    What this may mean for low-bandwidth users is less lag & better crash recovery, as well as less crashing. Yes, it also means changes to script processing too. BUT, it opens to the door to incorporating all sorts of new code objects in scripting. It also sets up SL for greater voice communication in future.

    Of course, as a consultant, I get paid by the hour. If I got paid by unit sales, I might not be quite as upbeat about all this 🙂

    • Yes, I don’t know if any of this work is oriented toward moving SL to a browser. It may be, in the long run. As I understand it in the short term it’s to combat server issues which have emerged from LL moving more and more data streams to HTTP. (In the past things like inventory and Textures were sent via UDP).

      I’m certainly not unhappy about the changes themselves, but more about the work that will be needed to adapt to them. Having less time to make new shiny isn’t good. 🙂

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