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[H]arsh – Styles and Fashion – Flex Control HUD v1.05

New Wave Kink by Darien Caldwell


– Cutting Edge: Advanced Media Interface for ease of use and flexibility.
– Intelligent: Control interface adapts to newer or older viewers.
– Universal: One HUD and set of controls for *all* [H]arsh FLEX compatible items!
– Most commands have chat triggered equivalents.
– HUD supports custom positioning and can be worn on *any* HUD attach point!
– Customizable look for the Media Interface, choose a theme that suits you!
– Ultra-Low Lag and Low Script count. ( 3 scripts 192k)
— About the HUD —

The FLEX Control HUD is Flexible two ways:
1) FLEXible in Access::
– For those with Viewer 2 or newer based viewers, a Rich Media interface for the ultimate in ease of use and flexibility.
– For those with Viewer 1 based viewers, the FLEX Control Hud readily adapts back to a familiar Dialog based interface.
– In either case, chat commands are available on Channel 1.
2) FLEXible in Use:
– The one FLEX Control HUD Provides ready access to *ALL* of your and your subs’ [H]arsh FLEX compatible items. No Juggling various HUDS for various items.
– The FLEX provides a consistent and predictable interface across all types of restraints. Once you know one, you know them all.


The FLEX Control HUD is a universal HUD for use with all FLEX compatible restraints [H]arsh produces. It will automatically detect your worn items and any items within your current sim that you are set as owner on.  The HUD can be used by subs or owners, and its recommended that both subs and owners have one for ease of use of all [H]arsh items. Extra HUDs are available for purchase. In addition an alternate FLEX interfaced called the “Clicker’ is also available. It’s geared more toward subs who like to have a publicly available interface for use with their [H]arsh Restraints. Also available at the store.

The HUD will auto-position itself on any HUD attach point, for easy compatibility with other HUDs. The HUD is only needed if activating controls or managing owners. The innate properties of  each Restraint do not require the HUD. All restrictions will be enforced without it, making it completely optional. A great feature if script count is of big concern, although at 3 scripts, its footprint is small.

—  FLEX Control HUD Details  —

When first worn, the FLEX Control HUD will automatically scan for nearby (within the sim) restraints you own or have owner access to. You can then choose which particular restraint you wish to view or modify.

When Teleporting, the HUD will automatically re-scan upon entering a new sim, to update the list of available restraints in the area. You can also re-scan at any time from the Top level page, to pick up any who may have arrived since the last scan.
— Naming Convention —

Because the FLEX Control HUD is so flexible, there are basically 3 ways everything can be accessed:
1) From the Media Interface.
2) From the Dialog Interface.
3) From a Chat command. (on Channel 1, or your custom Channel)

Because of this, the following convention will be used to outline commands in the rest of this document:

(<Media Button Name>|<Dialog Button Name>|<Chat Command>)

If a particular command is not available in one of the 3 interfaces, it will instead be replaced with a dash ( – ).

(Foo|Foo|Foo) would indicate the command is available in all 3 interfaces, as designated.
(Bar|Bar|- ) would indicate the command is not available in the chat interface, but available in the other 2 as shown.

— Misc Settings —

(Settings|Misc|misc) – From the top-level page, or the Scan page, you can access the “Settings” panel (designated with a wrench icon). A few misc settings are available there (Note that using the misc chat command brings up a dialog, so these commands need no chat equivalent.):

(Update|Update| – ) : This will check to see if updates to the product are available.  Note: This only works while at the main store.

(Store|Store| – ) : Prints a handy link to the main store in your chat.

(Help|Help| – ) : Provides you with a link to our Help documentation pages.

(Theme| – | – ) : Allows you to select the visual theme for the Media Interface. (More added regularly)

(ChainPoint) : Sets the default origination point of the Leash chain. Different Restraints will have different points available. This will cycle through them, and any chains will from that point on originate from the selected point.
— FLEX Control HUD —

For full details on each restraint’s features, operation, and chat commands, see the restraint’s specific notecard. This section outlines the features specifically available for the FLEX Control HUD itself.

(Scan|Scan| – ) : Scans the sim for Restraints you own or are the owner of. Any and all items within the borders of the sim will be detected.

(Rescan|Rescan| – ) : Same as above, only usually as an update, after having already detected some items.

( – |Status|status) : Prints out a status list for the currently selected restraint in chat (visible only to you). The Media Interface already displays this information as part of the natural interface, so no specific command needed.

( – | – |mhud) : A command specifically for returning to Media HUD mode *from* dialog mode.  Great for if you accidentally enter dialog mode and want to return, or upgrade your viewer in the future. 😉

( – | – |safeword) :  A tool of last resort, should things go awry.  The Lock owner will be notified.

( – | – |newchan): Allows you to set a new chat channel (defaults to 1) /1 newchan 30 would change the chat channel to 30. /30 newchan 1 would change it back to 1.


If you are having issues, you can contact Darien Caldwell, or ask in the Group “[H]arsh News and Stuff”.
( pasting this link in your chat will give you a direct path to the group:
secondlife:///app/group/6b0cc150-8c22-d1e2-4441-203d4058c4b7/about  )
Keep up with the latest developments, news, and gossip at Dari’s Blog:


Visit our main store at Borgbeef 58,177,58
SLURL:  http://tinyurl.com/3rwylbg


Modeled by Darien Caldwell
Textured by Darien Caldwell
Scripted by Darien Caldwell

— Thanks to —
Ama Omega for the HTML spark that ignited this idea.
My [H]arsh group – For always being there to cheer me on.
You – For taking the time to actually read this. 😉
And last but not least – My customers for inspiring me to do what I do!

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