Aspect HUD

Version 1.05——–
– Added Visibility Mode restrictions to the HUD. When locked, visibility can’t be changed by the wearer.
– Fixed a bug with the Black Latex Texture. Next time Black Latex is selected for the main body, the new texture will be applied.

Version 1.04——–
– Fixed some Minimize Display Issues.
– Added more Latex Textures, and a Flat White Texture.


Version 1.02———
– Changed the jacket’s behavior when the wearer is in Mouselook. Pressing A/D will now allow turning, whereas before it did not.
– Fixed a problem with some chains attaching to the wrong targets when bound.
– Added necessary support code for new Visibility Control Improvements, which adds Visibility controls on the FLEX HUD (FLEX HUD update required as well).
-Fixed an issue where *non* RLV users weren’t informed about what layer to wear/take off when changing hand visibility.
Version 1.01 ——–
– Fixed a problem where the the main Jacket Texture would turn to Latex when changing breast visibility.
– Added support for new latex textures, and bumpmap swapping.
– Added a Kludge to detect and thwart attempts to kill the forced animation. (since LL can’t seem to fix their server).
– Fixed a Owner Name restore issue (update system)
– Fixed some spelling errors.
– Fixed a rare condition where Chains could attach between two jackets.
– Fixed an issue with the ChainPoints not recognizing Lockguard “arms” and “wrists” commands.
– Added a RLV TouchMode setting. There are now 3 levels:
FULL (which is the default) is as it is now.
SOFT uses fartouch only.
OFF = no touch restrictions.
This is accessible from the Options menu on Media HUDs, and from the Misc menu on Clicker/Dialog huds.

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