7 comments on “The tkISO Released

  1. Oh Heavens.

    Went and bought it, I’m gobsmacked by how Divine I look in it! Please tell me your next project is a machine producing RL clothing from SL exemplars…

    Some notes: I think the shoe part could be a bit wilder – higher heels or better even, ballet boots? Another thought, a severe corset (and a discipline collar) would serve the suit well me thinks.

    Looking (ancsiously) forward to the development of the suit!

      • Yay I like the updated option for using other boots, definitely adds variety. The new mask also is nice, even though I have to say my personal favourite of the two still is the closed hood.

        Related to which, I had a question – kneeling, tied in the ISO suit, in front of my… significant other, head exactly level with her… you know what, I suddenly thought how cool it would be to have an option to somehow have the mouth accessible, be it gagged or with rubber sheet or whatnot. I know it’s called an “ISO” suit but certainly would add to the rolleplay, not to mention the possibility for good night kiss 🙂

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