Female Straitjacket

[H]arsh – Styles and Fashion – Female Straitjacket v1.02

New Wave Kink by Darien Caldwell


  • Fully conforming mesh attachment; moves and bends naturally.
  • Multiple Integrated Texture Zones.
  • Low PE (prim equivalence) rating, easy on the frame rates.
  • High detail level, gorgeous.
  • Control every aspect of Appearance, via the Aspect HUD.
  • A myriad of appearance options are available.
  • HUD can be loaned to a friend so they can help you set your look!
  • HUDs support custom positioning and can be worn on *any* HUD attach point!
  • Multiple owners
  • Timelock with configurable settings for the Lock, Leash, Arm binds, and Poses.
  • Integrated Leash with two points. Post, yank, beckon, or link them.
  • 14 Arm Bind positions with 2 levels of customized struggling
  • Arm cuffs are LockMeisterV2 and Lockguard Compatible.
  • Pose the wearer in any position by adding your own poses. (we included a few to get you started)
  • Ultra-Low Lag and Low Script count.
  •     (Straitjacket: 2 scripts 128k | Aspect HUD: 3 scripts 144k)   (Optional chain targets, 1 script 16k X 6)
  • [H]arsh FLEX Control HUD compatible.
  • Dari’s Haus Linking compatible
  • Lockmeister compatible
  • Lockguard Compatible
  • Standard Sizing compatible
  • RLV compatible

—  The Product  —

The package consists of the following:

  • The Straitjacket                     (Mod, No Copy, Transfer)
  • The Aspect HUD             (No Mod, No Copy, Transfer)
  • The FLEX Control HUD      (Mod, No Copy, Transfer)
  • 6 chain targets                             (Mod, Copy, Transfer)
  • Alpha Layer set                           (Mod, Copy, Transfer)
  • 2 Leash handles                         (Mod, Copy, Transfer)
  • 1 Leashing post                    (No Mod, Copy, Transfer)
  • Example shape fitted to the included size (Mod, Copy, Transfer)
  • Custom Fitting Notecard
  • This Notecard


Wear the Straitjacket that is sized best for your avatar.  If none of the standard sizes fits adequately, you can consider adjusting your shape to more closely match one of the included Standard Sizes. Alternatively, Custom fitting is available for an additional fee. See the Custom Fitting notecard for more information. More about Standard Sizing can be found here: Standard Sizing Information

The Straitjacket and the Aspect HUD should both be worn once so that the items can register with each other. After that, the Aspect HUD may be loaned to a friend, so they can help you adjust the look of your Straitjacket. The HUD will not work until you’ve worn it *and* the Straitjacket at least once!

The FLEX Control HUD is a universal HUD for use with all FLEX compatible restraints [H]arsh produces. It will automatically detect your worn items and any items within your current sim that you are set as owner on.  The HUD can be used by subs or owners, and it’s recommended that both subs and owners have one for ease of use of all [H]arsh items. Extra HUDs are available for purchase. See the FLEX Control HUD readme for more specific information.

These HUDs will auto-position themselves on any HUD attach point, for easy compatibility with other HUDs. However, the HUDs are optional. The Aspect HUD is only needed when changes to appearance of the Straitjacket is desired. Likewise the FLEX Control HUD is only needed if activating controls or managing owners. The innate properties of the Straitjacket don’t require the HUD. All restrictions will be enforced without it.

—  Aspect HUD Details  —

The Aspect HUD controls all aspects of the Straitjacket’s appearance, allowing for full customization of your look. The HUD not only allows changing the color, shine, glow, bright, and texture of your Straitjacket, but also configure the visual features (hide and show specific parts of the straitjacket).

You can also give the Aspect HUD to your owner so they can have control over your Straitjacket appearance, but you must first wear both items together so they ‘link’. Your owner must also be set as an owner on your Restraint using the FLEX HUD.

– Aspect HUD Menu Buttons –

“Re-Connect” – The HUD and Straitjacket should connect automatically the first time it is worn. However, should you find your HUD isn’t sending changes to your Straitjacket, or after a product update, you may need to force the HUD to re-register with the Straitjacket. A message will confirm if the Re-Connect is successful. If the Aspect HUD isn’t working for an owner, be sure to try reconnecting it.

“Update” – This will check to see if updates to the product are available.  Note: This only works while at the main store.

“Store” – Prints a handy link to the main store in your chat.

— FLEX Control HUD —

For full details on the FLEX HUD’s features, operation, and chat commands, see the enclosed notecard. This section outlines the features specifically available for the Straitjacket through the FLEX Control HUD.

— Alpha Layers —

Alpha Layers are an important part of the Straitjacket. The Straitjacket requires two Alpha Layers for operation, and if you have RLV, will actively and automatically manage these layers as you change appearance modes. You don’t have to do a thing!

Also if you have RLV and have “Give to RLV” on, Alpha layers will be given to you as needed. (read here on how to turn on this feature in popular viewers, should you find it’s off: https://darisl.wordpress.com/help/enabling-give-to-rlv/ )

If you wish to set up the Alpha layers in your RLV folder manually, get the kit here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Harsh-StraitJacket-Alpha-Layers/3992508

— Naming Convention —

Because the FLEX Control HUD is so flexible, there are basically 3 ways everything can be accessed:

  1. From the Media Interface.
  2. From the Dialog Interface.
  3. From a Chat command. (on channel 1)


Because of this, the following convention will be used to outline commands in the rest of this document:

(<Media Button Name>|<Dialog Button Name>|<Chat Command>)

If a particular command is not available in one of the 3 interfaces, it will instead be replaced with a dash ( – ).


  • (Foo|Foo|Foo) would indicate the command is available in all 3 interfaces, as designated.
  • (Bar|Bar|- ) would indicate the command is not available in the chat interface, but available in the other 2 as shown.


– Specific Straitjacket Features –

(Owners|OwnerAdd| – ) : The Straitjacket owner can add nearby (15 m range) people as an owner.

(Owners|OwnerManag| – ) : The Straitjacket owner view or modify their owner list. (Lock|Lock|lock) : Locks the Straitjacket, with unlocking only possible by the individual who locked it. A self locked item can be overridden by an owner.

(Unlock|Unlock|unlock) : When locked, removal will result in all owners being notified. Only the owner who locked the item can unlock it.

(Timelock|Timelock| – ): Sets the Straitjacket to be locked for a period of time, after which it will automatically unlock.  If you self-timelock, you can *not* clear the timelock once it is set!  If you are owned, your owner can clear the timelock if they feel so inclined.  Lock can be set to as few as 5 minutes, or as much as a year…

The Timelock allows the owner to set which Restrictions will be released when the timelock expires:

  • Lock: The Straitjacket will unlock when the time is up.
  • Leash: The Leash will release when the time is up.
  • Bind: The Arm Bind the wearer is currently bound in will release when the time is up.
  • Pose: The Pose the wearer is currently posed in will release when the time is up.

These can be mixed and matched as seen fit.

— Leash —

(Leash|Leash|leash) :  An owner can take the leash and lead the Straitjacket wearer. (Post|Post|post) : An owner can leash the Straitjacket wearer to a stationary post, which can be any lockmeister compatible post. (such as included)

(Link|Link|link) :  Leashes (or links) the Straitjacket wearer to a compatible device. This can be another Straitjacket the owner has access to, or a Dari’s Haus compatible collar.  There is no limit to how many subs you can link in line or to each other.   After issuing the command, click the leashing ring of the Straitjacket or collar to which you want to link them.  They will then follow that individual at a distance you set with the length command.

(Unleash|Unleash|unleash) : Remove the active Leash/Post/Link.

(Length|Length|length): Sets the leash length to the specified distance in meters (50 meters max).

(Yank|Yank|yank) : While leashed, the Straitjacket wearer can be pulled toward the item or person they are leashed to.

(Beckon|Beckon|beckon) : While unleashed, the Straitjacket wearer is summoned to your side.

— Poses —

(Animate|Poses|poses): Place the Wearer into one of the built-in poses. Some poses are included to get you started, but more can be added via the Anim-Bot by the wearer (see the section on Anim-Bot Below). There is a realistic limit of 60-80 animations you can add. Going over this limit can break your stuff, so be warned!

— Arm Binds —

(Bind|Bind|bind): Choose from one of the 14 included arm binds. While the arms are bound, some interaction with the world will be prevented, if RLV is available. (see the table below for which restrictions) The Wearer can initiate struggling one of two ways:

  • By attempting to click on something unclickable (there is a certain amount of time delay to account for accidental clicks)
  • By pressing Shift-A or Shift-D (Shift-Leftarrow and Shift-RightArrow also work)  Shift-A is a light struggle, Shift-D is a heavier struggle.

Also while bound, a typing animation specific to the position is used (if you have typing animations enabled in your viewer).

(Bind->Cover|Bind->Cover|cover): Cover/Uncover the Hands. This not only has a visual effect, but an effect on RLV restrctions. (see the table below)

— RLV —

This item automatically detects, configures, and handles all RLV settings. No user intervention required. Locking will render the item undetachable; Leashing/Posting/Linking will disable Teleporting, Sit-TP and Teleport offers (exception is given to owners, the Straitjacket wearer can receive Teleports from any owner).   See our RLV Glossary for specifics of what all these commands do: RLV Glossary

For the Arm Binds, there are various levels of Touch restriction, based on a few factors. (TouchMode is described in the next section)
This is shown in this table:

Straitjacket UNLOCKED:

  • No RLV Restrictions Set.

Straitjacket LOCKED:

TouchMode FULL:

  • Hands Uncovered – Arms Unbound = No RLV Restrictions set.
  • Hands Covered   – Arms Unbound = Fartouch Restriction.
  • Hands Uncovered – Arms Bound   = TouchWorld Restriction.
  • Hands Covered   – Arms Bound   = TouchWorld and TouchAttachOther Restrictions.

TouchMode SOFT:

  • Hands Uncovered – Arms Unbound = No RLV Restrictions set.
  • Hands Covered – Arms Unbound = Fartouch Restriction.
  • Hands Uncovered – Arms Bound = Fartouch Restriction.
  • Hands Covered – Arms Bound = Fartouch Restriction.

TouchMode OFF:

  • All Combinations: No RLV Restrictions set.

— Special Features —

Special Features are available from the “Options” button on the Media hud, or can be found on the “Misc” menu when in Dialog mode.

Anim-Bot: Triggering the Anim-Bot will rez your friendly helper.  Anim-Bot will Follow you, Stay put, and act as a roving Post which you can leash to.  Also for the Wearer of the Harness, Anim-Bot serves an important function. By Ctrl-Dragging your FULL PERM (copy and transfer) animations onto it, you can have Anim-Bot magically install these into your Straitjacket.  This saves you the trouble of having to rez your Straitjacket to install custom animations. Any Animations or other items that don’t meet the criteria for install will be sent back to you or simply be rejected. You can give a copy of Anim-Bot to your owner for their use. But they can’t use Anim-Bot to install animations, sorry!

Emotes: Public emotes can be triggered for some features. You can turn this On/Off here.

TouchMode: This controls the RLV Touch restrictions as mentioned above. There are now 3 levels:
FULL: (default) A combination of fartouch, touchworld, and TouchAttachOther restrictions.
SOFT: In this mode, Fartouch is used in all bound modes.
OFF: No touch restrictions.

Visibility: This allows changing the visibility of various sections of the straitjacket. These controls basically duplicate the controls on the Aspect HUD, but are more conveniently located.  The wearer can not change visibility while the Straitjacket is locked.


— Important Note  —


Due to the nature of Mesh, some SL features are not fully compatible. Physics layers will not generally work with mesh items that cover the breasts, stomach or buttocks. Mesh will not fully adjust to all avatar shapes. Mesh can not be manually sized or fitted to the avatar by the end-user. Custom fitting is available for an additional fee. See the Custom Sizing Notecard for more information.


If you are having issues, you can contact Darien Caldwell, or ask in the Group “[H]arsh News and Stuff”.
( pasting this link in your chat will give you a direct path to the group:
secondlife:///app/group/6b0cc150-8c22-d1e2-4441-203d4058c4b7/about  )

Keep up with the latest developments, news, and gossip at Dari’s Blog:


Visit our main store at Borgbeef 58,177,58    ?? SLURL:  http://tinyurl.com/3rwylbg


Modeled by Darien Caldwell

Textured by Darien Caldwell

Scripted by Darien Caldwell

Animated by Darien Caldwell

Created in Blender using the Avastar Utility Addon.

— Thanks to —

Sascha Vandyke, Talia Caliber, Mel Melville, Lory Staheli, Lexbot Sinister, Theophania Jewell, and Christin Gothly –  for their input and testing efforts.

Kyrah Abattoir – for creating the Lockmeister system.

Amethyst Rosencrans – for her example implementations of the Lockmeister protocol.

Lillani Lowell – For creating the Lockguard system.

Gaia Clary and Magus Freston – For creating Avastar for Blender, a most useful tool.

My [H]arsh group – For always being there to cheer me on.

You – For taking the time to actually read this. 😉

And last but not least – My customers for inspiring me to do what I do!

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