Aspect HUD

Version 1.04——–
– Fixed some Minimize Display Issues.
Version 1.03 ——–
– Fixed the problem with others using the Aspect HUD. Now the Aspect HUD is restricted to use by the Harness wearer, and any Owners set on the harness. If someone is not an Owner, the Aspect HUD will not function for them.
– Removed a line sometimes visible when the HUD is minimized.
– The HUD will now save its minimized Position, feel free to put it where you like.
– Added 10 Color presets. Click to use the color. Click the Circular Color Display in the lower right to enter Preset Save mode, then click the preset you want to save the currently selected color to. (or click the Circular Display again to cancel).
– Corrected a problem with the Luminance bar not starting with the existing color displayed when set to a color retrieved from the item itself. (don’t worry if that doesn’t make sense, it just works *right* now, trust me ;P )
– Added the ability to set Glow.
Version 1.02———
– Internal version
Version 1.01 ——–
– Fixed a bug where the Aspect HUD would position badly if worn while already minimized.
– Adjusted the Aspect HUD minimize landing zones (off screen for 4:3 ratio screens)


Version 1.04———
– Fixed some potential Chaining issues.
Version 1.03———
– Now clears locks, leashes and other restrictions off the harness on ownership transfer.
– Modified Owner List management communication protocol.
– Leash now orients wearer if RLV enabled.
– Leash is now cleared if enabled when a timelock ends.
– Safeword now completely clears the RLV restriction list.
Version 1.02 ——–
– Added support for Clicker object.
Version 1.01 ——–
– Changed the Alpha/color delay for the mesh coloring bug workaround. Delay wasn’t sufficient for all viewers.
– Removing an owner didn’t properly release any leashing they had in place. Fixed.
– Corrected a problem where chaining to the front ring, and then to the back ring, (or vice versa) could sometimes lead to having two chains visible.
– Added a Timelock. You or your owners can now specify a time period for the harness to automatically unlock.
– Added support for automated version checking.

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