Version 1.06———
– Fixed a problem that caused TP RLV Restrictions to no apply when other parties leashed/posted using the Clicker.

Version 1.05———
– Added Visibility Support. Accessed on the Options menu for media mode, or the Misc menu for Dialog mode.
Visibility allows for changing the Hide/Show status of various areas on the item under control, if any exist. The wearer can only change these if unlocked.

– The MISC menu is now available to owners, whereas before it was not. This gives access to Visibility, TouchMode, Emotes, and other settings, even when in public mode. So be warned!

Version 1.04———
– Fixed an issue with removing owners with very long names.
– Added TouchMode Support on the Misc Menu.
Touch Mode allows changing how RLV touch restrictions behave on items with touch restsrictions.

Version 1.03———
== General
– The HUD will now remember it’s Minimized position. Feel free to put it where you like.
– Improved ‘missing target’ detection. The hud should better acknowledge when someone goes offline, TPs away, or the target changes channel to avoid conflicts. Will prompt to rescan.
– Reworked the timing of Owner Adding dialogs to prevent a race condition.
– Fixed an issue that allowed adding an owner more than once.
– Now handle the possibility of discounting all potential owners if already on the owners list.
– Pre-locked restraints are now set to the person setting a timelock as they should be.
– Chat commands are now properly ignored when no restraint is chosen via the HUD.
– Fixed an issue with owner removal and very long names.
– Eliminated a 2 second delay that worked it’s way into issued commands. HUD should seem a lot snappier.
– Sub can now self-Post and it won’t be removable while a timelock is active.
– Added Support for Upcoming Restraints and features.
== Media Mode
– Fixed an issue where a ‘ghost’ item would appear on someone’s hud if they were removed from an item while viewing its controls.
– Added a check to prevent duplicate items showing up in the selection list (the duplicate harness issue).
– Fixed some bad text formatting.
– Fixed an issue with Timelocks. The dialog now Adds time instead of setting an absolute time, to be consistent with other modes.
– Owners are now properly added to the TP Exception list when First Added with the Media HUD.
– Now better handle the display of very long names on the control panel.

== Dialog Mode
– Fixed an issue where no Scan button was given after having been removed from a restraint.
– Added a rescan button to the Item selection menu.
– Made the HUD and Clicker co-exist a little more gracefully. (but still not recommended you use both at once).
– Fixed remenuing when deleting owners.

== Clicker
– Restricted clicker to pinging items the wearer owns.
– Fixed an issue where the menu builder could overflow the dialog and produce script errors.
– Corrected a problem with public access and RLV restriction enforcement.

Version 1.02 ——–
– Added support for Timelocks on items.
– Fixed a problem with the ..Back button not working on the Leash length menu.
– Corrected an issue with owner selection and very long names.
– Added Time Left display to “Status”.
– Fixed an improper reference to who was unlocking or unleashing a restraint.
– Corrected a problem where “Ignoring” a menu while on a sub menu made a subsequent main menu action act like an invalid submenu click.
– “Status” now displays Who has locked/leashed the active restraint.
– Fixed an issue where Owners recently added weren’t put on the TP exception list until after the sub relogged.
– Corrected an issue with the “Lightness” theme which caused it to have scroll bars on some displays.
– reduced detected avatars for owner assignment to 8. More leads to http_response() MAX_LENGTH overflow.

Version 1.01 ——–
– Fixed an issue where the HUD loses selected Restraint info when Minimized, starts having “Can’t use llRegionSayTo() on channel 0” errors.
– Fixed a Script error that was produced when using the safeword when the item wasn’t locked.
– Fixed an issue with the Msg-Serv IM service.
– Passing a HUD in dialog mode between avatars caused it to become unresponsive. Fixed.
– The HUD would stay in Dialog mode if handed to another avatar that way, possibly depriving them of the rich Media experience! Fixed.
– Adjusted the HUD minimize landing zones (off screen for 4:3 ratio screens)
– Added a configurable default leashing ring setting for the HUD dialog mode.

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