RLV Glossary

Here’s a Handy Reference of the common RLV restriction behaviours used by [H]arsh products.

The full RLV specification can be found here:  https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LSL_Protocol/RestrainedLoveAPI

— Teleport Restrictions —

Commonly the ability to Teleport will be restricted when Leashed or Posted:

@tplm – This Restriction prevents the use of Landmarks, Picks, or other Link based Teleport options.

@tploc – This Restriction prevents the use of The Map or other similarly based TP methods.

@tplure – This Restriction prevents teleporting initiated by others, namely Teleport offers. (with an exception, see below)

@sittp – This Restriction prevents sit-based Teleporting. This is usually Teleporters that operate by sitting on a ball or beam, and only travel within a sim.

— TP Exception —

[H]arsh Restraints typically always make an exception to the ‘@tplure’ restriction for owners set on the restraint. The wearer is allowed to accept such TP offers.


— Detach Restrictions —

@detach – This Restriction prevents the detaching of the item that issues it. This is usually associated with being ‘locked’ and un-removable.


— Touch Restrictions —

In all of the below cases, you can always touch your own HUDs, and your own attachments. We never prevent that.

@fartouch – This Restriction prevents the avatar from touching, grabbing or editing objects more than 1.5 meters away.

@touchworld – This Restriction prevents one from touching objects rezzed in-world, but one can still touch Attachments on oneself and others.

@touchattachother – This Restriction prevents one from touching the attachments of others. You can still touch your own attachments.


We will add to this glossary as needed. If you have further questions, let us know. 🙂


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