Mesh Viewers

Here’s a list of mesh-enabled viewers for you, just click the name for a link to the download page:

  • Viewer 3  The standard SL viewer from Linden Labs. Great viewer, but it isn’t as customizable as the other viewers. At the moment one of the only viewer that can upload mesh.

– Versions for Windows, Mac and Linux are available.  It seems the Viewer Icon may still say Viewer 2, but It’s Viewer 3, be assured. 🙂

  • RestrainedLove Viewer 2.8 A viewer based on the 3.x interface from the originator of the RLV code. Fairly low frills other than RLV support.

– Versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux are available.

  • NaCl 3.2 A pretty nice viewer created by Chalice Yao. Features a mostly unchanged V3.2 UI, and lots of the usual TPV goodies; RLVa, Spam/crash protection, LSL Preprocessor, Clientside AO, phantom and of course, Mesh upload and download. Note that the creator of this viewer does not offer any sort of official support. (new interface video: here ) For voice support copy the slvoice.exe and vivox*.dll files from an official viewer to the NaCl directory.

– Versions for Windows and Liunx are available.

  • Firestorm 4.x  The next step in the evolution of the Phoenix Viewer. Full of toys, maybe too full, But a decent viewer.

– Versions for Windows, Mac and Linux are available.

  • Cool VL  Shaping up to be the leader in V1 based viewers. Supports RLV, Multiple Alphas, and soon Media on a prim.

– Versions for Windows and Linux are available.

  • Dolphin Viewer 3  I’ve heard good things, but don’t know much about this viewer.

– Versions for Windows, Mac and Linux are available.

  • Catznip R8  is another Mesh enabled viewer by Kitty Barnett, and long-time Resident, which supports RLV and other nifty features.

– Versions for Windows and Linux are available.

This list is by no means complete, and things develop rapidly.  If you have any additions, corrections I should know about, let me know!

6 comments on “Mesh Viewers

  1. is the NaCl viewer safe?
    it looks interesting but i haven’t heard about it before.
    i used the firestorm viewer and it is great only thing that annoys me that it has a bug with alpha textures and the inventory isnt as easy to use as in other old viewers.

    • The main developer is Chalice Yao, someone I’ve known for a long time, and a former Emerald Developer. There are some commits by Zwagoth Klaar. The download page also has the full source, and you can auto-create a patch between her code and LL’s official code, to see what’s different. It’s safe to say there’s nothing malicious in it.

      Having said that, it is compiled from the bleeding-edge code and she doesn’t offer any official support. So use at your own discretion. There could be bugs.

      I’m currently using it, and I’m quite happy with it.

  2. Herrow!

    Figured I’d leave a comment myself.
    Basically, Sarwat, NaCl simply is a viewer I made for myself and Zwagoth shortly before mesh hit the grid, because all the other TPVs at the time seemed to be lagging behind in that regard, and I quite frankly wanted an up to date v3 with all the TPV goodies I always use. So NaCl became ‘That v3 TPV Chalice and Zwagoth want’. Which is also why it uses alot of default settings that I like.

    I simply figured there’d be no harm in keeping the source public, and making binaries occasionally for people to download. But as Dari said..I don’t really offer any place for public support, or advertize the thing myself (hence why you’ve not heard of it).

    Tho, one thing needs to be added to the description: After unpacking, you need to copy the slvoice.exe and vivox*dlls from Firestorm or the official V3 viewer into the NaCl folder..those files can’t be distributed by anyone but LL (and Firestorm grabs them from the LL servers).

    If you choose to use it..enjoy!

    • thank you i tried it and i think i ll be using it alot as it is stable so far and it has all the features i need 🙂

  3. Hello chaliceyao,

    will there be a Mac version of NaCl soon?
    I would be very happy if it would be possible to compile one 🙂

    • Heya Anna!

      Well..the problem is, I pretty much run a Windows PC (And sometimes Linux), and don’t have a Mac available,
      so there won’t be a Mac version unless somebody decides to actually assist me in releasing a Mac version. :<

      I might have an idea about somebody who could do that, but I can't make promises.

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