Enabling Give to RLV

One of the nice features of RLV is the ability for scripted items to give you folders that go directly into your RLV folder.  This allows for the inclusion of items ‘on the fly’ that can enhance the fun and experience of using many products. Who likes fiddling around in the inventory in the middle of a scene? 🙂  Here I’ll show you how to enable this for a number of popular RLV viewers:

Phoenix 1.6x:

You must first enable the Advanced menu (if not already enabled) by pressing Ctrl-Alt-D. Then make sure “Forbid Give to #RLV” is *not* checked.Firestorm/Exodus/Catzip/ other RLVa based viewers:

If you have an RLVa entry on the top menu bar:

Or if you don’t, try here:

This also requires you have the Advanced menu enabled, using Ctrl-Alt-D



Be Warned: Unscrupulous people could potentially send you items designed to cause you aggravation (just as is always the case in SL). Be mindful of what you accept!

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