FLEX Clicker Interface

[H]arsh – Styles and Fashion – FLEX Clicker v1.05

New Wave Kink by Darien Caldwell


– Provides a generally accessible Click-Menu interface for all of your [H]arsh FLEX compatible Items.
– Supports a Private mode (only set owner can access) or a Public mode (anyone in the vicinity may use)
– Universal: One Clicker and set of controls for *all* [H]arsh FLEX compatible items!
– The Clicker comes pre-configured with 3 basic appearances. Choose your favorite, or Customize as you see fit.
– Customizable look; can be worn on any attach point.
– Put these Clicker scripts into any other attachment. Your Hair, Jewelry, Belt, Earring, whatever you can dream up! (some restrictions, see below)
– Ultra-Low Lag and Low Script count. ( 3 scripts 192k)
— About the Clicker —

The FLEX Clicker is Flexible two ways:
1) FLEXible in Placement:
– Wear the clicker on any attach point, in any location you choose.
– 3 looks are built-in: A Ring (bracelet, armband), a Lock, or an invisible Click Sphere.
– The scripts can be placed in most any prim or sculpt attachment for extra convenience (some restrictions, see below)

2) FLEXible in Use:
– The one FLEX Clicker provides ready access to *ALL* of your [H]arsh FLEX compatible items. No dealing with multiple click areas for various different restraints.
– The FLEX provides a consistent and predictable interface across all types of restraints. Once you know one, you know them all.


The FLEX Clicker is a universal Access device for use with all FLEX compatible restraints [H]arsh produces. It will automatically detect your worn items.  The Clicker can only be worn by restraint owners, and only provides access to your currently worn [H]arsh restraints. For a more Universal access device, see the FLEX Control HUD, available at [H]arsh.

The Clicker is only needed if activating controls or managing owners. The innate properties of each Restraint do not require the Clicker. All restrictions will be enforced without it, making it completely optional. A great feature if script count is of big concern, although at 2 scripts, its footprint is small.

—  FLEX Clicker Details  —

When first worn, the FLEX Clicker will automatically scan for restraints you own. You and people who have access can then choose which particular restraint you wish to view or modify.

When Teleporting, the Clicker will automatically re-scan upon entering a new sim, to update the list of available restraints you have on (in case of attachment loss). You can also ReScan at any time, to pick up any changes to the [H]arsh restraints worn (addition or subtraction of restraints).
— Misc Settings —

(Misc) – From the Scan page, or the main menu, you can access the “Misc” settings panel. A few settings are available there:

(Update) : This will check to see if updates to the product are available.  Note: This only works while at the main store.

(Store) : Prints a handy link to the main store in your chat.

(Help) : Provides you with a link to our Help documentation pages.

(ChainPoint) : Sets the default origination point of the Leash chain. Different restraints will have different points available. This will cycle through them, and any chains will from that point on originate from the selected point.

(ClickType): Toggles the appearance of the Clicker.  The available built-in modes are:
A) Bracelet/Armband/Ring:  This is a visible mode.
B) Lock:  This is a visible mode.
C) Click Sphere: This is an Invisible mode.

Other Optional controls may be available depending on the item being controlled.

— About the Attachment and Customizing (Restrictions) —

Any of these 3 modes can be resized, textured, colored, or customized any way you see fit. But be mindful if you change the Clicktype, these changes will be lost. Also keep in mind you can attach any of these types to any point on your avatar that you wish.
Also realized, you’re not limited to what is provided. You are free to put these scripts into any of your existing restraints, with some restrictions.

— Restrictions —
1. The item Must be Prim or Sculpt, or *unrigged* mesh. Rigged mesh can not be clicked.
2. The item Must have Modify perms. You can’t put scripts into No-Modify stuff. It may be necessary to rez the item to put the scripts inside.
3. The item Must NOT be a [H]arsh restraint. Doing so will interfere with updating, and quite possibly the functioning of both the Clicker and the restraint in question.
4. The item *may* have scripts inside. However I can *not* guarantee compatibility with all scripts in Second LIfe, there is a possibility of conflict with other scripts that use Link Messages and or other Second Life Features. Try at your own risk.

— Clicker Controls —

For full details on each restraint’s features, operation, and chat commands, see the Restraint’s specific notecard. This section outlines the features specifically available for the FLEX Clicker itself.

(Scan) : Scans for Restraints you own. Any and all items you have worn will be detected.

(Rescan) : Same as above, only usually as an update, after having already detected some items.

(Status) : Prints out a status list for the currently selected restraint in chat (visible only to the person initiating the command).

(Go Public/ Go Private): This sets the Clicker’s operating mode. In Public Mode, anyone may touch and use the restraints, Even if they aren’t set as an owner! So be careful with this.
In Private Mode, only people you set as owner may use and control your Restraints.

There is one chat command, on Channel 1:

(safeword) :  A tool of last resort, should things go awry. All owners will be notified.

If you are having issues, you can contact Darien Caldwell, or ask in the Group “[H]arsh News and Stuff”.
( pasting this link in your chat will give you a direct path to the group:
secondlife:///app/group/6b0cc150-8c22-d1e2-4441-203d4058c4b7/about  )
Keep up with the latest developments, news, and gossip at Dari’s Blog:


Visit our main store at Borgbeef 58,177,58
SLURL:  http://tinyurl.com/3rwylbg

Modeled by Darien Caldwell
Textured by Darien Caldwell and Amylee Enderfield
Scripted by Darien Caldwell

— Thanks to —
Theophania Jewell for the idea that sparked this Interface style.
My [H]arsh group – For always being there to cheer me on.
You – For taking the time to actually read this. 😉
And last but not least – My customers for inspiring me to do what I do!

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