Latex Gauntlets

[H]arsh – Styles and Fashion – Latex Gauntlets v1.01

New Wave Kink by Darien Caldwell


– Fully conforming mesh attachment; moves and bends naturally.
– Multiple Integrated Texture Zones.
– Low PE (prim equivalance) rating, easy on the framerates.
– High detail level, gorgeous.
– Low script load (1 script, can’t get much lower than that ;p )
– Control every aspect of Appearance, via the Aspect HUD.
– HUD can be loaned to a friend so they can help you set your look!
– HUD supports custom positioning and can be worn on *any* HUD attach point!
– Authentic latex look via ReaLatex ™.
—  The Product  —

The package consists of the following:

– The Gauntlets in 3 sizes. (Mod, No Copy, No Transfer)
– The Alpha Layer          (No Mod, Copy, No Transfer)
– The Aspect HUD       (No Mod, No Copy, Transfer)
– Custom Fitting Notecard
– This Notecard

Wear the Gauntlets that is sized best for your avatar. You may want to try adjusting your ‘Torso Muscles’ or ‘Body Thickness’ for a better fit.  Alternatively, Custom fitting is available for an additional fee. See the Custom Fitting notecard for more information.

The Alpha Layer should be worn for the best appearance of the Gauntlets. If you already have other Alpha Layers on, use “Add” instead of “Wear”. This will stack the alpha layers for proper appearance of all items worn.

The Gauntlets and the Aspect HUD should both be worn once so that the items can register with each other. After that, the HUD may be loaned to a friend, so they can help you adjust the look of your Gauntlets. The HUD will not work until you’ve worn it *and* the gauntlets at least once!

The HUD will auto-position itself from any HUD attach point, for easy compatibility with other HUDs. However, the HUD is only needed when changes to appearance of the Gauntlets is desired. It does not have to be worn at all times.


“Re-Connect” – The HUD and Gauntlets should connect automatically the first time worn. However, should you find your HUD isn’t sending changes to your Gauntlets, or after a product update, you may need to force the HUD to re-register with the Gauntlets. A message will confirm if the Re-Connect is successful.

“Update” – This will check to see if updates to the product are available.  Note: This only works while at the main store.

“Store” – Prints a handy link to the main store in your chat.
— Important Note  —
Due to the nature of Mesh, some SL features are not fully compatible. Physics layers will not generally work with mesh items that cover the breasts, stomach or buttocks. Mesh will not fully adjust to all avatar shapes. Mesh can not be manually sized or fitted to the avatar.

If you are having issues, you can contact Darien Caldwell, or ask in the Group “[H]arsh News and Stuff”.
( pasting this link in your chat will give you a direct path to the group:
secondlife:///app/group/6b0cc150-8c22-d1e2-4441-203d4058c4b7/about  )
Keep up with the latest developments, news, and gossip at Dari’s Blog:

Visit our main store at Borgbeef 58,177,58


Modeled by Darien Caldwell
Scripted by Darien Caldwell

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